The unique beauty of steel and glass


Welcome to our company!

We are a leading manufacturer of steel and glass systems. Our product range includes doors, windows as well as fixed elements.

A company born out of a passion for the beauty hidden in steel and glass and out of the belief that everyone deserves the highest quality product. Being mindful of how important details are, we take care to execute them with the highest aesthetics.

Two professional production facilities, in combination with a team of world-class specialists are a guarantee of the best product quality.


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It is a synonym for elegance and timelessness.
The slenderness and softness of the profiles maintain free access to daylight in the rooms.

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A more massive profile, with strong and typically industrial pattern lines - will certainly appeal to those looking for stark design.

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The concept refers to the history of design, and in particular to the design popular in English and American architecture.

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Frequently asked questions


We produce doors and internal walls on a large scale, as well as external doors and windows. Everything is made of high-quality steel and glass. We have a modern machinery park, our own glass processing and our own powder paint shop. Thanks to our team of specialists, we can meet ambitious projects.


Yes, we do trade services for business partners in various parts of the globe. We also have a worldwide shipment.


We invite you to work with us and to contact us. Provide us with your details here.


Steel is characterised by a density and hardness that is incomparably higher than in the case of aluminium. This has a direct effect on the higher endurance on stretch and results in considerable mechanical strength. Consequently, constructions for industrial, residential or recreational purposes are built from steel. Steel also has a lower thermal conductivity than aluminium. The price of this material is therefore determined by its high standard and quality.


Use the contact form to get in touch with us. We will forward your inquiry to our dealer. The dealer will prepare a bid for you and will also take care of the measurement and commercial processing of your order.